Best Gifts For Breastfeeding Moms: Unique Gift Ideas To Surprise The New Mom!

Confused about sorting out the perfect and the best gifts for breastfeeding moms? Well, you have stumbled upon the right page! Here, I will be giving you a list of some of the best gifts for a nursing mom that can not only surprise but also ease her early stages of motherhood.

Gifts for breastfeeding moms

Be it your wife, sister, or friend, getting her the right maternity present might seem a difficult task. Instead of giving her common stuff like comfy clothes or scented candles, you might want to take a broader look into the practical gifts as follows. 

OMDBAGD Breastfeeding Nursing Cover

free gifts for breastfeeding moms
  • It is made using cotton fabric and gauze
  • Comes with an adjustable strap that keeps the apron in place
  • This nursing cover is lightweight, making it easy to carry, and is breathable.
  • Provides sufficient privacy for breastfeeding.

Proper nursing covers are one of the biggest necessities of new mothers. Sure, nursing bras provide all the ease she needs for breastfeeding and pumping. But nursing covers provide complete coverage and enable comfortable breastfeeding.

It is an effective baby care product as it protects the baby from suntans. This nursing cover comes with a lot of multifunctional purposes such as using it as a scarf, blanket, etc. 

My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow 

best gifts for new moms
  • Easy-to-use nursing pillows that help you to sit in the correct posture while breastfeeding
  • It is perfectly suitable for all sizes and secures the body.
  • Made using the highest quality organic cotton
  • Allows easy washing and protects sensitive skin from getting damaged

Breastfeeding comes with terrible back pain, and the My Brest Friend brand product provides proper support to your spine and shoulders.

This nursing pillow is meant to effectively release pressure and strain. It helps you concentrate on breastfeeding/nursing much easily. It is quite firm and flat in structure, preventing the baby from rolling out of position.

My Brest Friend is one of the top recommended brands of consultants and pediatricians, making it a quality gift for the nursing mother. Thus, this is one of the best thoughtful and very useful gifts for breastfeeding moms.

Biiby Breastfeeding Bib Burp Pad

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  • It provides complete protection to nursing bras from getting wet.
  • The material consisting of quality bamboo fleece and organic terry provides a comfy feeling to the nursing mother.

At times, even after using the best nursing pads and nursing bras, the initial stages of your lactation are bound to be dealt with spills and leaks. Burp pads make a great addition to maternity period as it helps in preventing bras from getting wet.

It can be used as a breastfeeding bib as well as a burping bib and this helps in relaxed breastfeeding at the same time protects the delicate skin of the baby. It also is used multiple times preventing the need for frequent washes. 

Sodilly Spa Bath Box Set 

1 year breastfeeding gift
  • It contains premium soaps, bath bombs, silk skin lotion
  • Enables mothers to enjoy quality hours of self-care. 

If you want to gift something really special and out of the box, this spa bath box set would be the ideal choice.

Each of the boxes contains stainless steel tumbler with the write-ups of Mom, EST along with the year.It also has a small card that you can use as a special note.

Nursing moms deserve a lot of love and care after spending a lot of time and energy taking care of the baby. Sodily Spa Box set is the perfect token of special care for breastfeeding mothers.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Recovery Set

what should breastfeeding moms avoid

Known to be one of the best post-pregnancy skincare essentials. They are very much essential for nursing mothers.

Each of the products is only based on natural ingredients and therefore is safe for any skin type. It provides professional treatment for the hair and skin. Palmer’s cocoa skin recovery set is a great choice if you are gifting skincare products to the new mom.

It is common knowledge that throughout the lactation period, the nipples tend to become sore and dry.

GOGOSO Breast Pump Travel Bag 

1 year breastfeeding gift
  • The contoured shape of the bag helps to store sufficient bottles.
  • The perfect breast pump bag and cooler bag providing massive portability benefits.
  • It has large main compartments and insulated storage pockets

Not only does this make a very practical and useful gift, but also stands as one of the key baby-mama gear for working mothers. This is one of the most desirable and effective gifts for breastfeeding moms.

Since it can be used as both backpacks, handbags, work bags, etc., it helps to cover any type of necessity preventing the need to buy separate bags.

The insulated storage pocket safely stores the baby stuff as well as keeping the breast milk fresh for about 12 hours. Also, it can very much accommodate all and any type of breast pump. 

Lofca Teething Necklace 

lactation gift basket
  • This simple teething necklace effectively diverts the baby from getting irritated
  • The cute and interesting colors keep the baby attracted.
  • It is crafted using non-toxic, tasteless silicon and therefore is 100% safe for both the mom and baby.

Now you might be wondering how a necklace can be a thoughtful gift for breastfeeding moms. Baby toys are common, yet popular presents were given to new moms as it helps to interact with the baby at the same distract them. However, breastfeeding jewelry is rapidly taking up the market and It provides similar benefits and also makes a great piece of a fashion accessory.

Grabby babies usually tend to pull and scratch while nursing creating quite a painful situation. Breastfeeding then becomes much difficult as the baby seems to drain out the nursing mother’s energy. And also calms down the toddler and keeps them busy as they continue to play with the necklace.

Since it is in the shape of chewable beads, it can relieve the baby from toothache and hence the mother does not have to keep holding a toy whilst feeding as the necklace simply hangs around her neck. This item would surely make an interesting gift for new moms.  

Andy Met Ali Reusable Nursing Pads 

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  • Made using super soft bamboo rayon
  • Provide a soothing feeling to the breasts and ensures maximum absorption of the leaks.
  • These pads ensure to provide complete nighttime protection from even excess leaksZZZZ

Be it breastfeeding or pumping mothers, nursing pads will always come in handy pretty soon, and even if the mother has already bought nursing pads, getting her a few extra ones can cause no harm. It only shows how thoughtful you are in choosing gifts for breastfeeding moms.

The initial weeks of breastfeeding are met with sore nipples along with intense breast pain. It has waterproof layers that protect nursing bras and clothes from being wet and with these features, it keeps the mother wet-free, clean and comfortable.

The product comes with a discreet carry bag for the pads as well as a laundry bag for portability and easy maintenance. There are 8 nursing pads per pack along with special access to a video series that talks about overcoming breastfeeding obstacles which can be very beneficial for the new mom.

Hicoco Breastfeeding Nursing Cover Carseat Canopy

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  • The product comes in a massive package ranging from nursing covers and scarfs to especially car seat covers for babies
  • It provides a comfortable environment for the baby.
  • The material is made of super stretchy fabric and offers enough space for nursing.

Technically, this one can be given as a gift for both the mother and baby. And It is considered one of the best gifts for breastfeeding moms. It is very much suitable for moms who prefer to go out for frequent baby walks.

The nursing cover can be worn very easily and even if the mother is in a public space, and offers 360-degree coverage.

It also protects the baby from the sun, wind, dirt, and germs. The cover designs are of top fashion with arrow prints and floral prints with cool write-ups.

Medela Breastfeeding Gift Set 

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  • The no.1 physician-recommended breast milk storage brand in the United States.
  • The package comprises milk bottles with nipples, collars, caps as well as breast milk storage bags.
  • The inbuilt double zipper seal ensures safe, refrigerator/freezer storage of the breast milk.

If you are looking to have all the maternity products together in a single bundle, this is the one. This is a great time saver as you would not have to search for gifts separately as Medela offers an entire gift set.

There are millimeter markings on both the bottles and storage bags to help the mother have a correct measurement of the milk expressed and remained.

All of the items are made without BPA and even guarantees safe usage. Medela’s breastfeeding gift set provides the new mother to fulfill her breastfeeding and nursing needs effectively. 

Gifts For Breastfeeding Moms : Other Alternatives

Don’t worry if you have still not been able to find the right gift for breastfeeding moms. With the increasing number of creative designers and top manufacturers, maternity products are becoming wider in choice. So you will surely find something that caters to your gift idea.

Even if you are still unsure about the gift, you can either go for a solid all-in-one package like Medela or simply make the gift in your style. Maybe sew a sweater or a scarf! Nonetheless, you will find more than thousands of video tutorials on the internet to help you with that.  

You can even get a simple coffee mug and write a thoughtful message on it for the nursing mom if she is very much close to you.  

Blog sites and product customer reviews give you a better insight into whether the item is worth spending money on and So ensure to read through them before making the final decision. 

Apart from Medela, other top-quality maternity gears are provided by Philips Avent, Lansinoh, Elvie Pump, Haakaa, etc. Their products come in affordable pricing packages.

And as I have mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is a great idea to gift something practical and useful for a nursing mom.

Nursing covers, lactation cookies, breast pump bottles, nursing clothes, no matter what it is, always remember to check the manufacturing details and ingredients of the product. Certain materials might cause unwanted harm to the sensitive skin of the mother.


Overall, the ideal gifts for breastfeeding moms are mostly about easing as well as celebrating motherhood. Most of the maternity blogs say how at times these mothers are expected to gift the right accessories for themselves. And this puts forth a great perspective to think of while making the final choice for the gift. Understanding the needs of a nursing mom and how you can make her more joyful helps you sort out what to give her.

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