Funding Questions

Q.  Where do I find the information about the RFA?

A.   See our Funding Application page for general information about the yearly application process.

Q.  When will the application for 2018 funding be released?

A.  To compete for 2018 funding, please review the RFA and complete an application in GIFTS.  The deadline for submission is August 25th 2017. 

Q.   How can I get on your mailing list?

A.   You can join our mailing list and receive notices about any funding opportunities, and other BHOP news to be delivered straight to your email inbox, by signing up on our homepage.

Q.  Do governmental agencies fall within your guidelines?

A.  Any publicly-funded government agency wishing to apply may do so only by partnering with a private, non-profit organization or educational institution that will assume fiscal responsibility for and collaborate fully with the proposed program. Please contact if you need further clarification.

Q.  Can the money from your grant be used toward a mobile clinic or mobile mammography unit?

A.  Mobile vans or units are a good way of reaching women who live far from a clinic and several of projects that use mobile vans or units have been and are presently funded. The monies awarded, however, CANNOT be used toward the purchase, restoration, or maintenance of a van or mobile unit. You can however use your Avon BHOP grant to support outreach and education staff working with the mobile clinic.

Q.  My organization applied for the current funding cycle and was rejected; I would like to  know the reason behind the decision. Where can I access that type of information?

A.  You can contact Avon BHOP at for one month following the funding decision to request feedback on your application.