Guidelines & Research

Screening Guidelines

Since breast cancer screening guidelines vary and media reports about early detection can sometimes be confusing, the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade encourages individuals to know their risk. The #Check Yourself campaign is a global movement that aims to raise awareness and start conversations about how women and men can take action for their own breast health through screening, detection and treatment. This campaign is intended to help you better understand some of the common factors that can influence your personal breast cancer risk, and teach you not only about your risk, but also what actions you can take starting today!

For your information, we have summarized breast cancer screening guidelines for women of average risk from various organizations. Please note that the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade does not endorse any one set of breast cancer screening guidelines. Be sure to partner with your medical provider to develop the best personal care plan for you.

To review the screening guidelines of the major cancer research and prevention agencies, click here.

Community Guide

The Community Guide to Preventive Services is based on a review of evidence-based interventions for increasing rates of breast cancer screening. The Task Force on Community Preventive Services recommends the use of client reminders, small media (i.e. videos, letters, newsletters, and brochures), one-on-one education, and strategies to remove structural barriers (such as providing transportation, interpretation services, child care, or flexible service hours), as well as linking women with free or low-cost screening services to reduce-out-of-pocket costs for clients.