Best Nursing Bras For Pumping Moms: How To Decide The Best?

Breastfeeding and pumping can be challenging during the initial days. Without the best nursing bras, you may find yourself being exhausted pretty soon. The sore nipples and aching breasts call for more than just comfortable bras and breast pads.

Having the best quality nursing pads is crucial to express milk without any pain and heal the sensitive skin of your breasts.

nursing bra

Buying a larger-sized regular bra might seem like a more convenient option than going for specially designed nursing bras. But it is less likely to provide you the same benefits as the latter. 

Is It Essential To Buy a Nursing Bra?

A wireless bra with less padding is what most mothers tend to wear during their pregnancy, which continues through the first few months of breastfeeding. The easy maintenance and comfort are what make this type of nursing bra the popular choice and one of the best nursing bras for new mothers.

You can follow the same and once you begin to breastfeed or Breast pump less often, go for a padded nursing bra that is well-fit and more structured as it provides the best support to your breasts especially when you start going out. 

But know that both nursing bras and pumping bras work differently. The first allows easy and comfortable nursing or pumping. The latter is specifically for holding the breast pumps in place. Nursing bras have a V-shaped front that easily pulls down while feeding, whereas pumping bras mostly have an X-shaped design for easy pumping access. 

Choosing the most suitable nursing bra can be even more difficult than buying a regular bra. To help you sort out better, below are some of the best nursing and pumping bras that you can depend on- 

Motherhood Maternity Women’s Lightly Lined Full Coverage Nursing Bra

Designed in exquisite colors, the Motherhood nursing bra is one of the top-selling structured bras that cater to the needs of mothers at its best.

Motherhood Maternity Women's Lightly Lined Full Coverage Nursing Bra

It is available in almost all sizes, thereby providing access to mothers with different breast sizes. 


  • It has an adjustable strap and a clip-down feature that enables easy breastfeeding. 
  • It comes with an underwire that supports your breasts before and after pregnancy. 
  • It fully covers the breasts and has sturdy hooks that can be easily detached. 
  • The material involves a mixture of nylon and spandex. It can be comfortably worn with any clothes.


  • Underwire can become tight within the first use if not chosen the correct size and can lead to breast pain.

Rumina’s Hands-Free Classic Pump and Nurse Adjustable Nursing Bra

Rumina is credited with the creation of the first all-in-one hands-free nursing bra and is known to be specially made by working moms across the United States.

The sizes range from X-Small to X-Large with simple yet elegant colors. 


  • The bra is in the shape of a cross-over, making it the first patented pumping bra that helps to nurse and pump at the same time. 
  • The cotton and spandex material provides a soft texture on the skin. 
  • The bottom opening helps to attach the breast pump flanges without removing the breast shield which promotes easy pumping. 
  • The stretchable quality of the bra grants comfortable wearing day and night.


The criss-cross design may not be suitable for everyone.

Seamless Pump and Nurse Hands-Free Pumping and Nursing Bra

Seamless is another brand that provides bras that can be used for both pumping and nursing.

The structure of the bra is notably simple and ensures full coverage of your breasts. It is available in all sizes. 


  • Unlike the typical nursing bras that have holes to attach the flanges, Seamless nursing bra works on the creative design of No-Hole pumping which helps to quickly insert the pump flanges. The hole is stretchable and fits all the major pump flanges without being ripped. 
  • It has wireless cups that expand to support the changing breasts and prevents nipple irritation. 
  • Enables one-sided nursing and keeps the breast pads firmly in their place. 
  • The adjustable shoulder straps and the soft material of nylon and spandex prevent body pain and make pumping a lot easier.


The criss-cross design may not be suitable for everyone.

Simple Wishes Nursing and Hands-Free Pumping Bra 

The reason why the Simple Wishes nursing bra is considered one of the best nursing bras is that it has been certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 which is the world’s top label for safe textiles. This confirms that the fabric of this bra is free of chemicals and therefore does not cause any harm to you or your baby. It is available in both regular and cup-shaped with varying sizes. 

sleep nursing bra


  • The hands-free design of this bra is said to support 16 oz of weight.
  • A Comfort Halter for each cup of the bra to maintain suction and quicker filling of the pump bottles.
  • It has patented clasps that enable multifunctionality of both nursing and hands-free pumping.
  • The special one-hand clasp helps in easy breastfeeding.
  • It allows single and double pumping.
  • The plush back straps provide comfortable wearing for 24 hours.
  • The wide athletic band offers extra support preventing shoulder pain. 


Available only in black color.

Lupantte Hands-Free Pumping Bra

I would say this is one of the ideal choices for busy moms.

best nursing bra

Made with excellent cotton and other natural fabrics, Lupanette’s hands-free pumping bra is known for its softness and easy maintenance for your busy life. Sizes range from 3-X large to XX-Large. 


  • Absorbs moisture and keeps your breasts wet-free. 
  • X-shaped design holds the bottles in place and helps in multi-tasking. 
  • Thick shoulder straps for lasting durability. 
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and an extender to accommodate your changing breasts. 
  • One-step nursing clip enables easy switching to breastfeed or pump. 
  • Reduces stress and pain and provides relaxation. 


There are no negative reviews of this product and is widely loved by many mothers.

Ameda PumpEase Adjustable Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Ameda is a widely popular breast pump brand featuring a wide range of breastfeeding products known as The Ameda Difference. You may have already come across them in hospitals and advertisements.

Their PumpEase hands-free bra can be easily worn over your nursing bra for optimum convenience and is perfect for multi-tasking. It comes in a unique Aqua color with polka dots which gives off high fashion vibes. Sizes are from small to extra large. 


  • No-Stitch Flange opening helps to accommodate any and every type of breast pump flange. 
  • High-quality technical stretchy fabric maintains the fitting of the bra despite changing breast size. It also blocks moisture and allows flexible movement. 
  • 3 rows of hook and eye, which adjust as per the changing breasts.


  • It is quite expensive. 
  • Sizes are comparatively larger than regular nursing bras so ensure to double-check your choice before purchase.

HOFISH Nursing Bra

Amazon Best-seller in plus size nursing and maternity bras, HOFISH has 10,271 ratings making it one of the best nursing bras you can ever afford.

It is available in stripes of blue, beige, and black making it pretty attractive. The company also provides matching extenders and strap clips preventing the need for buying separate ones. You can choose fit accordingly. 

feeding bra


  • The nylon and spandex blend of the material retains the shape for the long term. 
  • Promotes double pumping while remaining hands-free which helps in multitasking. 
  • Maintains the bustier in place. 
  • The reinforced openings keep the breast shields in place. 
  • Most suitable for Medela electric breast pumps. 
  • Zip ups allow easy put up and removal. 
  • Provides an ultra-soft feeling to your skin. 
  • Effectively supports breast shields and bottles.
  • Quality doesn’t fade despite multiple washes. 


  • Flange holes are smaller in size which may cause discomfort. 
  • Available only in limited sizes and colors.


Amazon Best-seller in plus size nursing and maternity bras, HOFISH has 10,271 ratings making it one of the best nursing bras you can ever afford. It is available in stripes of blue, beige, and black making it pretty attractive. The company also provides matching extenders and strap clips preventing the need for buying separate ones. You can choose fit accordingly. 

Medela Easy Expression Hands-Free Pumping Bra

If you are looking for strapless nursing bras, Medela is here at your service to provide the top-quality sleek hands-free pumping bra. The brand is also the Amazon bestseller for electric pumps. Medela Easy Expression hands-free pumping bra consists of a rich matte black color along with a zip-up providing the most comfortable and stylish pumping bra. It is also Oeko-Tex certified helping you trust the product for its safe usage. The sizes range from small to large. 


  • The modal material of the bra provides a buttery soft texture. 
  • The side widening and V-neck design help your breasts to breathe more easily. 
  • Allows easy one-hand access. 
  • The push-up padding provides shape and support. 
  • It comes with removable molded foam cups providing easy usage.


There are no negative reviews of this nursing bra.

Although pumping bras also come in the form of hands-free bras, which eases the breast pump procedure, a nursing bra is important throughout the feeding period to take care of breast health. 

Maternity bras have several other features which make them an important part of the course of lactation. 

What Are The Features Of Nursing Bras? 

Offers complete breast support:

Nursing bras are available in both underwire’s as well as wireless bands which help to support the rib cage and keep the bra in place. In general, most nursing bras come with thick and padded straps to support breast that endures frequent leaking. 

Easy to use

Certain nursing pads consist of adjustable clips beneath the shoulder straps that enable you to breastfeed or pump much comfort. It also allows your baby to be more in contact with your skin. Now if you prefer to have those without clips, there are nursing bras with stretchy fabric and are mostly in the form of bralettes. You can easily remove it during feeding. It is mostly used as night-time nursing bras due to the flexibility and comfort it provides. 

Padded and lined

Although breast pads are separately available, nursing bras have inbuilt pads which help to absorb maximum leakage. Others include layers of fabric lining and the rest have fully padded molded cups. Padded bras are said to be the best nursing bras for everyday use as it closely resembles regular bras.

Comfortable and easy to adjust

The moment you start lactating, your breasts undergo frequent changes which last throughout your nursing period. Regular bras can fit and are easy to use as well. But they cannot offer you the complete comfort you deserve. You may even change your preference on nursing bras later on but it’s important to make use of the product in the initial months of expressing milk. Nursing bras have adjustable hooks and straps that allow comfortable wearing throughout the day and night. It prevents shoulder pain accommodating the changing size of your breasts without the need for bigger bras. 

Factors To Consider Before Buying Pumping And Nursing Bras

Below are some of the key factors that would help you choose the right nursing and pumping bra- 

Type of material

The fabric or material of the bra is the most important point to look at as you do not want to deal with harmful reactions to your skin. As you can see from the nursing and pumping bras mentioned earlier, the majority of them are made using cotton, nylon, or spandex and a few of them use Modal. This is because these types of materials are stretchable which helps to hold the flanges in place. It also keeps your breasts, free from moisture and ensures comfort 24×7. 

Added hooks and straps

It would be better to find maternity bras with these facilities as it would require extra effort to go buy separate ones. The changing structure of your breasts needs to be accommodated without any discomfort which is achieved through hooks and straps. It also helps in easy fit and removal. Especially in the case of pumping bras, look for fully adjustable types that can easily fit breasts of any size. Make sure the straps are not too tight to help prevent shoulder pain. 

Proper fit

Ensure that your chosen bras do not have too many cuts as it can lead your breasts to spill out. Check whether the back bands can enable you to sit comfortably without harming your posture. 

Do your research and seek expert advice

This is probably one of the best ways to find your ideal bra. Go through the customer reviews of the brands that you liked and consult your doctor for suggestions. Thoroughly confirm that the nursing bra you chose can provide the benefits it claims. Also, it would be helpful to get yourself a maternity bra in the last few months before giving birth. This would make you more comfortable towards the due date and prepare you for nursing and pumping later on. 


A nursing bra or pumping bra is not only crucial but also makes a great companion that can make the whole lactation period fun and healthy. Choose the best nursing bras that can take care of your breasts throughout to provide a happy nursing experience!

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