Simple Breast Tightening Exercises That Works Effectively!

Nowadays, most people are opting for various surgeries and corsets instead of following breast tightening exercises in order to obtain the perfect desired shape of their breasts and to get rid of the saggy ones. But do we really need surgeries when we have effective workouts helping us? While it is perfectly normal to feel a bit insecure about their shape and to work upon it, surgeries and corsets can really cause a lot of damage and harm to your body structure and essential ligaments.

Breast tightening exercise

5 Best Breast Tightening Exercises

It is very common for the breasts to get saggy and loosened due to age, pregnancy, hormonal changes, or sudden weight loss, but there are some easy and efficient exercises that can help you get your desired shape without those long, painful, and complicated surgeries.

Wall Push-up

Starting with wall push-ups, this is the most basic exercise to start with. This eliminates the need for any kind of equipment or machinery and can be conveniently done at your house.

Wall push-ups will help in providing strength to your chest and shoulder muscles and will lift up your breasts naturally. One thing to keep in mind is to be regular with such exercises.

Wall push-up - Breast tightening excercise

The inverted wall push-up is one of the best breast tightening exercises and it provides better results than normal push-ups. They help in toning your breasts and in strengthening the pectoral muscles.

These might be difficult to do without help in the beginning, but once you will start doing them regularly, you can easily do them without any assistance.

Medicine Ball Superman

This exercise involves lying straight on your stomach, with your toes touching on the ground, and keeping your arms straight with a firm grip on the ball.

Exercise to lift sagging breasts before and after

Maintain this posture for about 10-15 seconds and then repeat it 15-20. After this, relax your body. This will help you to improve the shape of your breasts and strengthen your buttock muscles.

One has to take a deep breath and simultaneously lift the arms, head, and legs and hold onto the posture for 15-20 seconds. Repeating this exercise at least 20 times a day can help in building a strong core and muscle strength and will help the breasts to become firmer.

Bhujanghasana (Cobra pose)

This is a primary breast tightening exercise that you must have practiced during all of the yoga lessons, but what you did not know is that it works miraculously in tightening the chest muscles.

Performing bhujangasana is fairly simple. You need to lie straight on the ground and pull your torso up while pulling your hands closer to your chest and your head positioned towards the sky.

Cobra pose breast exercise

 Maintain this posture for about 10-15 seconds and then repeat it 15-20. After this, relax your body. This will help you to improve the shape of your breasts and strengthen your buttock muscles.

Dumbbell Pullover

Permanently tighten the sagging breast with this breast tightening exercise. For this, you shall need a gym ball or a bench along with a dumbbell. Bend your back onto the gym ball and ensure that you make a 90-degree angle with your back and your toes.

Let your shoulder blades rest on the ball, take a deep breath and stretch your arms straight up your chest, with a firm grip of the dumbbell. After this, take your arms to the same level as your head by forming an arc. This is one of the effective breast tightening exercises that can help you get a perkier breast sooner.

Permanently tighten sagging breast in 5 days

Lift your arms along the same arc and then slowly bring back your dumbbells to the initial position by simultaneously and slowly exhaling. This will help in easing out the stiffness of your pectoral muscles and will help in strengthening them.

Elbow Squeezes

This is one of the best and effective breast tightening exercises that enhance the working of the chest muscles and makes them smoother and firmer. This exercise involves standing straight on the ground and lifting your upper arm to a position parallel to the ground and then lifting the wrists just above the elbow while holding firmly to the dumbbells. Then pull the dumbbells closer to your chest.

Elbow Squeezes breast tightening exercise

Repeat this 15 times while carefully regulating your breathing. Ensure that you do not drop down your hands suddenly as the weight of the dumbbell can lead to a severe wrist injury.

Alternatives To Excercises

Along with these exercises, there are other ways as well, which can help one in naturally tightening up the breasts. Some of these include swimming, breast massages, using gels and creams, and well-fitted bras. Well, fitted bras are extremely important in order to provide a proper mold to your chest muscles to prevent sagging.


Breast tightening exercises are the best option for anyone who wants perkier and firmer breasts. Choosing surgeries can be very costly as well as hazardous to the body. Thus, we should try to naturally enhance our physique, this will not only help us in achieving a better shape but also improve our core and muscle strength.


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