Top Nonsurgical Options For Breast Uplifting In 2021 – Best In Town!

There are countless reasons for having saggy breasts and one solution to it and is breast uplifting. The traditional method leaves scars and now in the modern and advanced technological times, one should have options to have their breast uplifted with no memory of the mark left behind.

Non-surgical breast uplifting procedures are common today and there are various types as well. The usual botox and laser may top the list(or not), but there are plenty more in the market today.

Top Nonsurgical Options For Breast Uplifting

Saggy breasts are caused due to various factors. It could be the aftermath of pregnancy or nursing. Sometimes it could be not using the appropriate bra that leads your boobs to hang down. The tissues and muscles may wear off sometimes causing them to be loose and pointing south.

Finding a perfect method to bring them back uptight becomes necessary, especially for younger women.

Here is a list of non-surgical breast uplifting options for 2021 that you may want to indulge in.

If you are looking for a less invasive method of breast uplifting, the best in town is Aptos threading.

In this method, the doctors mark the desired areas where the threads will be inserted. There is no worry about any sort of scars ruining your breast, as the incisions made are very small. The threads used are perfectly compatible with your body and there is no worry of further irritation, bruises, or rashes of any sort.

The inserted threads are pulled upwards to your collar bones. There can be gaslight swelling for an initial period but that will not cause any serious issues. The threads dissolved easily and are not visible in any form.

One of the prime advantages you get with the Aptos threading is that the recovery time is comparatively little. The whole procedure is done under local anesthesia and hence there is no further complication.

The only advice the doctors give is to avoid lifting heavy objects for about two to three weeks and to wear a protective bra for the two weeks after the procedure. It is also recommended that women who are pregnant or nursing not go in for an Aptos threading.

Aptos threading

Laser treatments are famous and it has been replacing all kinds of surgeries, be it for your eyes or your breasts. One of the common treatments at present, it comes with tons of advantages.

It is comparatively cheaper, with not much time taken and the post-treatment procedures are also simpler compared to the surgery otherwise. It uses high beam energy that helps to get rid of dead cells and at the same time works on increasing the collagen production in your body.

There can be mild pain experienced during the treatment, but it doesn’t last for a long period. There can be slight dryness due to the tightening of the skin after the treatment for a short period of two to three weeks. With proper moisturizing and using the right bra, this problem can be resolved.

One of the challenges that come along with laser treatment is it can lead to a change in the color of your skin. It is best advised to get proper consultation before going in for this treatment.

Laser treatment

In this treatment, the surgeon sends radio waves using a Therma Cool device into your deeper tissues that help to produce more collagen in your breasts. This way it helps to strengthen the protein fiber in your skin and stimulates collagen. This leaves a smooth and tightened result. This is one of the many non-surgical breast lift options available at present in the market.

The effects may not last for a very long time and so you will have to repeat the treatment once in a while. You may feel a kind of tightening over your skin, soon after the treatment and it is normal to feel so.

It is recommended not to continuously go for a Thermage treatment as it may have side effects. You could discuss with your doctor before the course of treatment and figure out if it is best for you. The treatment is best suitable for women with smaller breasts.

Another common breast lifting option is Botox injections. It is an acronym for botulinum toxin injections which is injected into the pectoralis minor chest muscles. This helps to uplift your breast. As it is injected, your muscles relax also giving a smooth feeling to your breast skin. 

Botox cannot last for a long time and so this becomes a temporary solution. It lasts up to 4 months maximum and you may have to get another injection. It is cheaper in cost and most appropriate for women with smaller breasts.

Women between the age of 30-50 are suitable for this moderate and temporary injection solution.


If you are looking to find a way to not step into a clinic but want to uplift your breast, a set of exercises is what you want. There’s pretty much nothing that a set of exercises can’t work out. There are several exercise routines exclusively to help you uplift your breast. These include the usual pull-ups and push-ups as well as various yoga positions.

These help to strengthen the chest muscles that tighten your breast and keep them firm. There are exercises you can do with the help of equipment or without any as well. It is a natural and risk-free method and by far the cheapest in the market. 

Combining a few of the exercises and practicing them at least four times a week will show you a drastic change. They can be time-consuming and you sure will have to sweat your body, but the results are bound to be long lasting and effective. 

Chest Exercises

If you are looking for the toned bust to flaunt, you should try the Caci treatment. It helps to shape, tone, and tighten your muscles around your breast. Electric pulses are sent onto your muscles with a handheld device that helps to tone the muscles.

There is no sort of invasives used in this form of treatment. Although you might have to go for more than one session for a long-lasting impression of lifted and toned breasts.

This treatment was initially used to treat athletes and sportsmen in general for their injuries. The treatment is comparatively on the higher end and would require multiple courses. It also helps to hydrate your breasts and increase the production of collagen.

If you are someone who cannot find your way under the needle or cannot sweat yourself out, the best option available in the market is Bras. Yes, some bras help your life and tighten your breasts giving you a firm and toned look. This is one of the easiest and safest methods and also pocket friendly.

One of the advantages of good underwired bras is that anybody can wear them. Most of the non-surgical treatments are not advised for mature or pregnant and lactating women.

In the case of a bra, you do not have such a worry. Anybody with small or large breasts can choose their size and enjoy the instant uplifting of their bust.

You can be concerned about the fabric used, as some cloth may be allergic and bring in rashes. The best option is cotton or bras made of organic material.

Breast Enhancing Bras

When it comes to breast massage, you not only get to enjoy a good massage but it also helps to tone and live your breast while also protecting them from cancer. While massaging your breasts, your body produces prolactin, oxytocin, and estrogen through the endocrine system.

This helps to tighten and even enlarge your breast. It also relaxes you as well as makes you feel better. You need to spend a maximum of 5 minutes every day and there are various massage techniques that you can practice.

There are some DIY massages like the ‘opening smile’ ‘tapping’ and ‘heavenly circle’ that you can begin with. This is also a great way to pamper yourself.

Breast Massage

In today’s world, the beauty and cosmetic industry are pretty familiar with the word filler. You get filters for your eyes, nose, lips, and now even your breast. The most common fillers used include various acids such as hyaluronic acid or poly L-lactic acid.

The common fillers in the market available are Sculptra, Juvederm, and Restalyne. It is not recommended to get a filler if you are nursing or pregnant as it may affect your child. There still have to be advanced studies relating to fillers. They are bound to last for a couple of months and hence you need not get a refill very soon.

The collagen is stimulated in the injected area and hence helps you achieve a smooth and tighten the breast.


This new technology helps you enhance as well as give your firmer breasts. All you have to do is wear it along with your bras for about 10 hours a day. It helps in stimulating collages as well as working on making your muscles more toned.

It is best to wear it for the recommended time and not more than that. You can wear it even when you are going for a jog or while sleeping. The breast tissues grow as you wear the system. The best in the market is the Brava Breast Enhancement System.

It gives you an effective result for at least one to two years or even more. There is no kind of cosmetic surgery or injection and hence you need not worry about any kinds of side effects

Breast Enhancement System

The above 10 are the most effective non-surgical breast uplifting treatment in the town. There are various other treatments including several creams and lotions, electronic devices, breast implants, and many more that you can check out as well. 

What Fillers Can Be Used For Non-Surgical Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation is another word for breast implant. Normally a breast implant is done either with a silicone implant or a saline implant. Silicone implants are usually filled with silicone gels and pushed into the breast tissue. In the case of saline implant, it is after the implant is fit into the tissue the solution(sterile saltwater) is injected and the size increased.

Presently with advancements in research and technology, there is a new type of filler in the market. This is fat-filler breast augmentation. Fat is taken from your body and injected to increase the size. The is less common and mostly used if needed to go one size bigger or a lesser increase in the size.

Non Surgical Implantation

Is Non-Surgical Breast Lift Possible At Home?

There are many reasons to get a breast uplift. It could be they are uneven or are naturally saggy. It isn’t always feasible to get under the needle and women deserve some home remedies to help fix the breasts.

You may not have an instant lift and these techniques would require you to bring about some lifestyle intervention. These may not necessarily increase their size. They do make then tones and stronger.

One of the common recommendations is exercise. Several breast exercises help to firm the muscles in your breast and also keep them toned. This will help you get rid of the sagginess. Some examples of these are pushups, arm curls, bench press, and swimming.

You can also try out a diet that helps your body to consume nutrients that are necessary to strengthen your tissues, cells, and muscles. Being overweight may stress your skin tissue and they may find it hard to hold onto so much fat. Drinking water and stopping smoking are two necessary steps that will help you keep away from saggy breasts.

Another breast lift option is to maintain a good posture. If you are someone who is least bothered about your posture when you sit, stand, or even move chances are your breasts are holding onto more weight. If you keep your posture straight with your shoulders back then your breasts are less strained. 

Wearing bras that support your breasts is important. You should be well aware of the cup size and coverage that is necessary for your breasts.


It is important that you do your homework before getting a breast uplift. Sit with your doctor and discuss what is best for your body. As everybody is unique, you cannot generalize the treatments. It is also best advised that you go for a natural and safer option, always that the easy way out.

In general, it is best to stay away from any of these if you are lactating or pregnant. They can have some kind of harm on your child and hence you may want to delay the treatment for a while. It is also good to be aware of your body and how it reacts to various factors before you go for any sort of treatment. You should also compare which options among these surgical breast enhancement works.

However, these treatments are comparatively safer than a scarred traditional surgical treatment which will not only leave you with a scar but a lot of pain and post-op treatment. 


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