The Best Breast Pump Bags That Every Mother Deserves

Using a breast pump can itself be more difficult than buying one, especially when you are going to your workplace. The large set with several accessories may not fit in entirely with your purse and even if it does, anyone can easily make out that you are carrying around a breast pump. This can make you feel awkward and reduce your confidence to barely even go out.

Thanks to some clever designers who are now creating stylish handbags and backpacks that can smoothly accommodate your breast pump without making it seem weird.

​Although you can use a large bag that would necessarily do the job for you, having an actual breast pump bag can be more beneficial. The following are the reasons for it-

  • ​Consists of multiple pockets or sections that help you to keep each of your breast pump tools in an organized manner.
  • ​The in-built cooler keeps your milk fresh.  
  • ​The even surface of the bag prevents the device from moving around.
  • ​You needn’t even take out the entire apparatus for pumping as the zip panels give you better access to the tools.
  • ​Ideal for working parents.
  • ​Prevents your bag from looking bulky.
  • ​Variety of designs and multi-functionality.

​You must now be confused as to what sized bag you need to buy, what you need to look for while buying breast pump bags etc. The wide variety of sleek designs can also be overwhelming.

But don’t worry. In this article, I will introduce you to some of the top breast pump bags with reasonable prices and how each of them can benefit you-

​​1. Lunies Breast Pump Bag Backpack

Breast Pump Bag backpact with cooler
  • ​The Lunies breast pump bags are of exquisite design and extraordinary features. It comes in a stylish black and has everything that a working mother needs for easy pumping.
  • ​The bag can accommodate any brand or type of breast pumps and its insulated individual compartments perfectly separates your cooler from the rest of your items.
  • ​It has an upper layer where you can keep your breast pump and other pieces of equipment. The lower layer allows you to store snacks, lunch, baby bottles, etc.
  • ​The small pockets help you to keep your credit cards, phone, and other personal objects safe.
  • ​The size is quite large and its high-quality leak-proof and heat-insulating material keeps the milk cool throughout the day.
  • ​It acts as a single solution to your baby bag and lunch bag enabling you to easily carry your items anywhere.
  • ​​It is rated at ​$30.99.

​​​2. ​​CURMIO Breast Pump Backpack 

CURMIO Breast Pump Bag Backpack
  • ​​​It has a larger capacity providing adequate space for each of your devices.
  • ​It is made using high-grade water-resistant nylon fabric which guarantees durability.
  • ​CURMIO has two different compartments on the inside to keep your tools in place while taking out your breast pump set.
  • ​​It has a separate section on the outside which is ideal for breast pumps and coolers.
  • ​There are extra pockets to keep tissues, wipes, diapers, and other baby gear as well as your essential items.
  • ​It has a padded pocket for your laptop. This feature is highly advantageous for working mothers.
  • ​The handles and shoulder straps are also padded with quality material helping you to easily carry your bag without any muscle pain.
  • ​When not in use to store pumps, these bags are an efficient travel bag and backpack.
  • ​It is rated at $46.99.

​​​3. ​V-COOOL Breast Pump Backpack

V-COOOL Breast Pump Backpack Diaper Backpack Storage Milk Bag
  • ​​The most attractive feature of this bag is its floral design. The entire bag is black with the option of grey flowers and pink flowers.
  • ​​It has two different layers ie; the upper layer and lower layer where you can keep each of your baby products without having them falling over each other.
  • ​V-COOOL Breast Pump Backpack is made with high-quality waterproof fabric which protects the bag from leaks as well as the aluminum film material to resist heat.
  • ​It has a unique anti-dirty leg feature that enables the bag to stand upright without falling over and becoming dirty.
  • ​​It is rated at $39.01.

​​​4. ​Bananafish Breast Pump Bag

Bananafish Breast Pump Bag
  • ​​The colors are available in black and grey, blue and white, and various other shades of grey, each of which has sleek and stylish designs.
  • ​It is designed in the form of a tote bag and has a sleek and stylish appearance.
  • ​​It is widely spacious on the inside to fit all your breast pumps, adapters, and coolers.
  • ​​​Bananafish breast pump bag has a special feature of a small flap pocket to keep your baby’s photo.
  • ​​It can effortlessly accommodate the major and top-selling breast pump brands no matter the size.
  • ​There are side pockets on the inside and outside which provides you sufficient space to keep your everyday stuff.
  • ​The prices range from $27.75 to $39.99 depending upon the color you choose.

​​​5. ​​Medela Breastpump Bag

Medela Breastpump Bag for all Breastpumping Essentials
  • ​​​In appearance, they resemble travel bags and have a large opening at the top.
  • ​The designs are simple yet cool and are fully in black.
  • ​It allows easy cleaning and prevents spills and leaks as it is made using a water-resistant microfiber material.
  • ​​Medela ​breastpump ​bag comes with a power adapter access port to charge your breast pump anytime anywhere.
  • ​​​It is rated at $47.49.

​​​​6. ​​Luxja Breast Pump Backpack

Luxja Breast Pump Backpack
  • ​​​It is one of the best breast pump bags that is specially made for working mothers.
  • ​It is an effective backpack and is available in both black and grey.
  • ​The outer compartment provides the perfect space to keep your breast pump and baby gear.
  • ​The inner compartment acts as the main section of the bag allowing you to carry your laptop, charger, and lunch.
  • ​There are pockets on either side of the bag to keep your bottles.
  • ​The thickly padded straps and handles help in easy handling.
  • ​The rates vary as per the bag color. $36.99 for grey and $38.99 for black.

​​​7. ​​Teamoy Breast Pump Bag

Teamoy Breast Pump Bag Tote
  • ​​​These are specifically designed to store electric breast pumps.
  • ​They are available in four different colors ie; black, blue, grey and purple.
  • ​There are separate pouches and pockets to include objects of particular sizes.
  • ​It is made using top-quality nylon making it water-resistant.
  • ​It can alternatively be used for shopping, travel and other necessities as well.
  • ​​Teamoy Breast Pump Bag can also be used as a separate cooler bag, lunch bag, or diaper bag.
  • ​It is rated at $28.99 for all colors.

​​​8. ​​Flybold Breast Pump Bag

flybold Breast Pump Bag
  • ​​​The design is more like a simple handbag and is ideal to be carried to workplaces.
  • ​They are available in titanium black and solid back.
  • ​​Inner compartments are foam-padded to keep your breast pump and its accessories safely in place.
  • ​The side compartments and pockets are of thermal lining. When the breast milk is stored with ice packs, this lining maintains its cool temperature for around 6 hours.
  • ​The shoulder straps are padded with good quality material helping you to carry the bag easily.
  • ​​They can accommodate any and every type, brand, and size of breast pumps.
  • ​The adequate number of pockets and pouches ensures that you don’t have to mix up your stuff with the baby gear.
  • ​The rates are $39.99 for solid black and $29.99 for titanium black.

​​​9. ​​​Yarwo Breast Pump Bag

Yarwo Breast Pump Bag with Laptop Sleeve
  • ​The designs are quite flexible and creative with two small pockets on either side of the bag that perfectly encloses your breast pump accessories.
  • ​They are manufactured in black and grey colors.
  • ​The heavy-duty nylon fabric provides complete protection from damage and ensures durability.
  • ​The back pocket can be used to store diapers and wipes.
  • ​​Main section takes care of your files and laptop.
  • ​It is rated at $32.99.

​​​​10. ​​​Viedouce Breast Pump Bag

Viedouce Women's Lunch Bag School Backpack
  • ​It has an upper layer to fit diapers and a layer lower for snacks or lunch.
  • ​They are sold in black, blue and grey colors.
  • ​The bag’s exterior is made of oxford cloth and thus blocks the entry of dust and liquids. It also protects the insides of the bag from any damage.
  • ​The interior is mostly plastic and aluminum lining which helps in easy cleaning, leakage protection, and heat resistance.
  • ​​Main opening of the bag contains five pockets to keep all the baby essentials.
  • ​It involves the unique feature of an in-built USB charging port.
  • ​​Viedouce ​breast pump bag offers a 100% risk-free 180 Day Money-back Guarantee.
  • ​It is rated at $26.99.

​​​11. ​​​Zohzo Lauren Breast Pump Bag

Zohzo Lauren Breast Pump Bag
  • ​It is a complete package of all the tools that you need to pump and store breast milk. You will be getting a breast milk tote bag, ice pack, mesh storage bag specifically for pump parts, an insulated milk cooler bag, and a wet-dry bag to keep the equipment after use.
  • ​The material involved helps in easy cleaning and faster drying.
  • ​The exteriors are in orange and the interiors in black.
  • ​It has a zip-down compartment where you can safely keep your breast pump accessories.
  • ​​Zohzo ​lauren breast pump bag is fully compatible with all breast pumps.
  • ​It is rated at $49.99.

​​​12. ​​​AUTUS Breast Pump Bag

AUTUS Breast Pump Bag Detachable Diaper
  • ​It comes in stylish black and is in the form of a backpack.
  • ​The flexible handles allow these bags to be used as double shoulder, portable handheld, and one shoulder.
  • ​It has two parts i.e.’ the upper part and the lower part.
  • ​The nylon fabric makes the bag waterproof and dirt-free. 
  • ​Upper part acts as the main area of the bag due to its available space. This area has two pockets coated with aluminum along with a zipper pocket.
  • ​The lower part is of a thermal insulation layer which ensures a consistent temperature.
  • ​It also has an in-built USB port and headphones hole. This helps you to quickly charge your mobile and breast pump as well as listen to music which is a very cool feature.
  • ​It is light-weight in nature and promotes easy carriage.
  • ​Although with its unique features, it is most suitable for workplaces, it can also be used for travel purposes.
  • ​It is priced at $36.98.

​​​13. ​​​Momcozy Breast Pump Bag

Momcozy Breast Pump Bag
  • ​They are made in attractive colors of brown and grey and are of an elegant shape. Each of these is available in sizes Large and Extra Large.
  • ​Their large capacity ensures the hygienic storage of your baby products
  • ​The two openings on the side provide the perfect facilities to store your breast pump kit.
  • ​The leather shoulder straps are another addition to its high fashion appearance.
  • ​It has stroller straps that help you to easily hang the bags on a stroller.
  • ​There are three insulated pockets to keep your baby bottles.
  • ​It also has a laptop slot where you can also keep your files or notebooks.
  • ​The brown large bag is rated at $32.99 and the grey extra-large bag is rated at $36.99.

​​​14. ​​​MOMIGO Diaper Tote Bag Breast Pump Bag

MOMIGO Breast Pump bag
  • ​It has two side pockets where one opens directly into the main compartment and allows storage of breast milk pumps. The other pocket is spacious enough to keep 6 breast milk bottles with bigger ice packs.
  • ​The zipper pocket on the exterior is suitable for carrying baby stuff.
  • ​Its material allows easy cleaning and faster drying.  
  • ​There are padded compartments that are easily detachable which help to keep your things separate.
  • ​It has a separate cooler bag that keeps the milk fresh and cool.
  • ​​Available only in black color and is rated at $32.99.


​I hope now you have a better idea of the type of breast pumps that are available in the market and which one would suit your needs the most.

Breast pumps are used at its best with breast pump bags as it provides you every facility that you need to comfortably use your breast pump. It also keeps your tools, milk, and baby products hygienic.

As you can see from each of the product features mentioned above, almost all breast pump bags are multi functional. Also, the rich colors and elegant designs help you pass as someone who just bought a new bag.

No one would barely know you are carrying an entire breast pump kit unless you say it. With the increased number of working mothers, breast pump bags are thriving in popularity.

So if your due date is near or you have already started with breastfeeding or pumping, you might wanna look more into these fashionable breast pump bags.

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