Breast Lift Without Implants – Pros & Cons You Must Know!

Every year, thousands and thousands of women browse on the web about breast lift without implants?’ That is all because, after a certain age, our body starts showing aging effects, and one of the most common is sagging. Are you also constantly feeling awkward in that favorite Little Black Dress of yours? Or, do you face problems while picking the right sports bra for your workout?

can breast lift be done without implants

If such issues are bothering you suddenly, it is mostly because breasts have started sagging due to aging or pregnancy. Feeling conscious of physical appearance is the one reason that can take a toll on your confidence and self-esteem. Hence, the wisest thing to do is opt for a procedure of breast lift without implants.

If you’re content with your breast dimensions and cup size but not with the way your breasts sit on your body owing to drooping or sagging, this surgical treatment may be a suitable fit for you. Since many of you also must be new here, let us now break down some important information for our readers! Here’s what all of you need to know

Breast Lift Without Implants – An Overview!

A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that involves the removal of extra skin as well as the compression and reshaping of breast tissue to give the breasts an uplifted, younger, and natural appearance. The surgery will have many methods and incision patterns. The correct option for you will depend on your physique.

do you need implants with breast lift

The specific techniques and incision patterns employed to provide the greatest potential outcome will be determined by the shape and size of your breasts, the degree of drooping, the location of the areolas, and other factors like skin texture and elasticity. The ultimate result is a young, lifted look, which offers you the comfort and confidence that you want.

Breast Lift Surgeries

The surgery for a breast lift is not at all a ‘one-size-fits-all’ type. Hence, various types of breast lift surgeries match every body type, shape, and size.

It depends on how much sagging needs to be corrected and your goals in relation to the surgery. I will suggest all my readers first consult with an expert about which surgery type is ideal for you. Being one of you, I do not want you to end up with a wrong decision and regret it later on. Before you plan to visit your plastic surgeon, let me give you an idea of the different types of breast lift surgeries.

Peri-Areolar Breast Lift

A ‘donut’ lift is another name for Peri-Aerolar breast lift. This is due to the circular incision along the areola’s edge. Cosmetic surgeons often integrate this form of breast lift with breast augmentation, just like the crescent lift. The size of the areola can be reduced using this breast lifting procedure. It aids in the correction of moderate drooping and only leaves a single scar.

Anchor Breast Lift

An anchor breast lift allows a cosmetic surgeon to reduce a considerable amount of skin and sagging structures. This is the best option if you already have sagging and voluminous breasts. Three incisions are used in this procedure -one around the edge of the areola, the second will be deep in the breast crease all along the inframammary fold, and the third one vertically from the bottom of the areola to the breast crease.

If you’re getting a breast reduction with lift, your cosmetic surgeon may perform this procedure as well. While the anchor lift leaves some noticeable scarring, it usually fades over time with good management and can be readily concealed with a bikini top.

Crescent Breast Lift

For women with only a tiny amount of sagging to rectify, plastic surgeons prefer to use the crescent breast lift. A minor incision is needed to be made across the middle of the edge of the areola. A crescent lift is generally only performed when a patient simultaneously has breast augmentation.

How Long Is Recovery From Breast Uplift Surgery?

You will remain in the hospital overnight following your surgery to ensure that your recovery is successful. The surgeon may install drains on both sides of your body to do the procedure, which is common. In addition to having to keep your dressings on for two weeks, you are also expected to wear a postoperative support bra for two to four weeks following your surgery.

Your surgeon will provide you with all the procedure details and explain how you can assist your recovery. When you consider the normal day-to-day things you do, you will likely expect:

  • Get back to work after 10 – 14 days
  • Take long flights after 4 weeks
  • Start exercising after 4-6 weeks

Complete recovery from breast lift surgery takes somewhere around 6-8weeks.

How Do You Know If You Need A Breast Lift?

Is it possible for breast lift without implants? Does breast lift require implants? Or, do I need breast lift surgery? Are you also stuck with this annoying question, just like every other woman planning to go ahead with breast lift surgery? If yes, do not worry; I am once again here to solve your problem. Breast lift is a surgical technique that removes extra skin and breast tissues to help ladies with sagging breasts restore the shape and size of their breasts with respect to the body.

Breast uplift surgery may be a possibility for you if you are concerned about the appearance of your breasts and believe they are drooping. Only a professional cosmetic surgeon can help you choose the best cosmetic surgery method to achieve the look you desire. But, some of the reasons why do you need implants with breast lifts or without implants are:

Sagging At Younger Age

Certain women have a weaker muscular tone, and hence, as a result, their breasts might sag as early as their teenage years. A breast lift can help you attain the look you want

Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

The beginning of unpleasant changes to the contour of the breasts for many women is an indication that they are pregnant. With or without implants, stretched or sagging breasts can be repaired.

Weight Loss Changes

More fatty tissue is associated with weight gain. Weight loss has the opposite effect, causing breasts to lose fullness and rigidity. By eliminating extra skin, a breast lift can enhance proportion.

Final Verdict

Most women who want to improve the appearance of their breasts with breast lift surgery face a difficult decision about whether or not to also get implants. Women who decide to undergo breast lift surgery without implants will often have less uppermost fullness in their breasts, but the outcomes will likely appear more natural.

If a patient is uncertain, I generally recommend that they go for a breast lift without implants because implants can usually be added later. It allows the patient to make an informed decision about whether or not to have breast implants in addition to their lift.

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