Best Nipple Creams That Breastfeeding Moms Loves!

We all know that rich moisturizers can work wonders on the raw and cracked skin of your face. The moisturizer can also work great while you are breastfeeding, and your nipple needs to be well-nourished. And it can be done by using the best nipple creams.

Best nipple cream
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Choose The Best Nipple Cream

When it’s the early days of your breastfeeding, it is normal that your breast nipples feel pain, sore, cracked, or blistered. In such a situation, the better option for you is to invest your money in good nipple cream. These help in hydrating your nipples and moisturize the skin so that it can be healed faster.
Here in this article, we are going to discuss the best nipple creams which you can use for the complete hydration of your nipples.

Honest Calm Your Nip Balm

best nipple cream for breastfeeding pain

The honest calm your nip balm is entirely natural nipple cream. This balm consists of shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and another ingredient that are 100% organic for soothing the nipple and alleviate the dryness from the nipples. One of the best things about this nipple cream is that it is safe for the baby as well as the mom.

Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream

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You might be aware of the fact that lanolin is the best-known skin soother which is made from the wax that is secreted by the sheep. This ingredient is very helpful for soothing the skin.

The mommas who pump their breast needs some extra layer of the TLC because the repeated breastfeeding can make your nipple skin more sensitive.

You need to know that this nipple cream is made of thick lanolin, which is purified to ensure that the product is entirely hypoallergenic. The fantastic thing about this product is that it is a medical-grade product. It can also be used for dry skin, cuticles, lips, or any other part of the skin that is dried.

When in the cold, this product becomes thicker, and it is needed to be squeezed. Then you have to rub the product in between your fingers in order to warm it. While in the warm temperature, this cream becomes runny, so you should store it the room temperature.

Bella B Nurturing Nipple Butter

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The soothing formulation of the Bella B nurturing nipple butter is really very unique, and it is fragrance and lanolin-free. This cream is made from plant-based ingredients, which are entirely safe for women to use even when they have sensitive skin.

The all-natural ingredients in this cream consist of cocoa, mango, and shea butter which are mixed into a cream. Due to these unique ingredients present, it helps to soothe your nipples easily and thus it is reviewed as the best nipple cream. You can use this cream before feeding to after feeding to ease the pain of the sensitive nipples.

There are a lot of women who like the consistency of this cream as it is very soft. It comes in tube packaging, which makes it easy to apply the right amount of the product.

Coddle Nipple Balm For The Breastfeeding

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This nipple cream is a specially formulated balm that has been handcrafted in tiny batches by the company. You need to know that this nipple cream is part of the postpartum self-care collection of the black-owned business.
It is made up of carnauba wax, and the natural ingredients which are present in this nipple cream are entirely safe as well as digestible for the babies also.

You need to keep this thing in mind that the formulation of this nipple cream is plant-based, vegan, and gluten-free. It is packaged in zero waste food-grade jars, which means that they can easily be recycled and reused.

Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter Breastfeeding Cream

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It is a favorite nipple cream of the hospitals, mommas, and lactation specialists also. The cream is lanolin-free, and it is also non-sticky in nature. It provides ultimate moisturization to the nipples, which is loved by women for so many reasons.

You will be amazed to know that this nipple cream is the very first non-GMO project that verifies nipple cream, and it is not required to be wiped off before you feed your baby.

Most moms consider this as one of the best nipple creams. They appreciate this nipple cream for being so soft and moisturized that it can also be used for the area where the skin is dry, chapped lips, and even for treating the rash that is caused by the diapers.

It is a two-ounce product that will not end up very fast, so it is totally a worthwhile nipple cream to invest your money in, and you will not get the best results in a concise period of time.

Medela Tender Care Lanolin Nipple Cream

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Now taking care of your sore nipple doesn’t have to be so messier. This is because the medela tender care lanolin-based cream easily glides over the skin of your nipple in order to create the healing barrier for promoting comfort during the nursing session. You should know that this nipple cream is safe for moms as well as babies, and you will not have to wipe it off before feeding your little baby.

It is made up of natural ingredients which don’t give any kind of harm to the skin and thus is considered as best nipple cream and a favorite of new moms. The mess-free texture of this cream makes the application easier. If you are looking for soft and extremely moisturizing nipple cream then this is the best option.

Motherlove Nipple Cream

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Pregnant women often find their nipples becoming dry and tender, or there is also some sort of itchiness around the nipple area. You will not have to look any further in order to treat this dryness and tenderness of the nipples because the mother-love nipple cream is a versatile cream that can give you sudden relief from the pain of the nipples.

This is the award-winning cream that is 100 percent organic and it has a multi-use formulation. For breastfeeding moms, this cream can be a lifesaver for the chapped and itchy nipples.

The best thing about this nipple cream is that it doesn’t contain any artificial fragrance. It can also be sued for chapped lips, dry skin, and many more purposes where hydration is needed. People who have already used this cream have written that they love this product which is also long-lasting.

It can also be sued as a diaper cream for protecting the butts of the babies from rashes and itchiness. Well, you need to beware of is that this cream is made from an oil-based formula. So it might stain the bras or clothes when it comes in contact.

Bamboobies Boob Ease Organic Nipple Balm

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The key ingredients of this soothing organic nipple balm are extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, marshmallow, beeswax, and calendula. It is a nongreasy and non-sticky cream which makes it one of the popular choices of women who are looking to treat their tender and sore nipples.

The formula of this cream is soft that it quickly glides on the nipples making it soft and soothing. If you want extra comfort, then you can pair this nipple cream from the bamboo bikes with the washable nursing pads. These are made from soft bamboo rayon veloura and hence it is one of the best nipple creams.

Bodily Nip Duo

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The bodily is a well-known brand in the market, and its reviews are pretty appealing. It has launched the two-fold approach for taking care of the nipples while you are feeding your baby or pumping. This duo is known as the nip duo. It is an organic and all-natural duo in which the one is used for the hydration purpose, and the other one is used for the protection of the nipples.

This is the nourishing nipple balm that is great for increasing the elasticity of the skin. It provides very soothing hydration and moisture to the nipples. The other one is used for protecting and locking everything in with the nonstick balm. This basically sets a protective layer for the sore and tender skin of the nipples.

If you choose the bodily nip duo, then you will not get disappointed with this product. It is totally worth it! Once you start applying this cream, then you will get to know that how amazing this nipple cream is, and you will surely not even think of buying any other nipple cream.

The Final Saying

The above-mentioned were some of the best nipple creams which you can use for the healing of your tendered and dry nipples. This is a common problem that is faced by pregnant and breastfeeding women. But if you take a little care of your nipples, then the condition will not get painful and worse.

So, all you need to do is choose any one of these best nipple creams and provide the required hydration and moisture to the skin of your nipples.

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