Tips On How To Reduce Breast Size!

Appearance is the key to confidence in most people. How you look before others is a matter of concern. There is a common notion that women are more interested in dressing up than men. They are more concerned about the body, its structures, and shape.

Some women find it difficult to dress up as they wish, because of such problems. One of the common things among them is the bust size. Having big busts is a problem for many, while some others are worried about the smaller size.

However, having larger than normal bust size can cause physical and psychological problems in women.

Tips On How To Reduce Breast Size!

Studies state that women with bigger busts might experience pain in the shoulders, breasts, neck, and back. They might also possess higher risks for breast cancer. Women with bigger breasts may also experience psychological problems due to the poor image in society. 

They might become introverted, shy, and tend to fear public appearance. They may also feel uncomfortable to wear all types of clothes. This can even lead to self-hatred and depression. They can even face issues while doing physical exercises like walking, running, etc.

Though some people consider larger breasts as cosmetic assets, it can cause cosmetic and psychological problems in most of them. However, there are many ways to reduce breast size.

Tips to reduce breast size

If you are worried about how to reduce breast size, this article is worth your time! Here are a few natural remedies and other cost-effective ways to help you reduce breast size.

The breasts are made of glandular and adipose tissue. These tissues are attached to hormone receptors. The glandular tissue or breast tissue produces breast milk. While the fatty adipose tissue fills the breasts.

Some people undergo breast implant surgeries to increase breast size. People with naturally large breasts might be the result of many other factors. Some underlying medical conditions can also cause unnatural growth of the breasts. Let’s look into a few factors that might change the breast size.


​​Weight ​Gain

​It is normal to gain weight with some lifestyle changes or other factors. Gaining body weight can also cause breast enlargement, as body weight can directly affect the fatty adipose tissues. Breast size increases may differ from an individual to the other.

Breast size is directly linked to your body weight as the breast tissues are composed of fat. Regular exercise and following a healthy diet can help in preventing gain weight and breast size enlargement.


​​Hormonal problems

​One of the most important factors that cause an increase in the size of breasts is the hormonal changes. Breast growth begins when the ovaries become mature and start to release estrogen.

Hormonal imbalances can occur during pregnancy, menstrual cycles, and menopause. Health problems like PCOD and PCOS can also cause hormonal changes that result in breast enlargement. People who take oral contraceptives that contain estrogen regularly may also face issues with breast growth.



​Large bust size can be familial too. Genes play a significant role in this. Females with a family history of large breast size may have large busts. The size and shape of the breast may be inherited from both sides of the family.



​This may go unnoticed as the woman might get confused by it as normal growth of breast. Breast size can also increase if there are lumps formed inside of them. They can even be cancerous. If you find any lumps, get a proper medical diagnosis.  

Some may opt for surgery to reduce breast size. However, those who can’t afford or go through the demanding procedures of surgery can opt for less-invasive solutions that can be tried at home. Remember to consult your doctor before trying any of these.



Green tea


Flax seeds

Egg whites

Neem and Turmeric mix

Fenugreek seeds

Fish oil supplements

Pregnancy and delivery can bring a lot of changes to a woman’s body. The body might lose youthfulness before, and the skin may lose firmness. A woman's breasts might grow during pregnancy and remain large as they will be breastfeeding.

An increase in the breast size will be visible in the first few weeks of delivery itself. The hormonal changes and milk production effects might contribute to weight gain in women. This can also lead to a fat deposit in the breast tissue.

In some, breasts may slowly shrink while they lose pregnancy weight. However, it may remain a bit larger even after shedding the body weight.

Those who wish to reduce breast size after delivery can also choose the natural home remedies for breast reduction explained above. However, consulting your gynecologist for their opinion is a healthy choice.

Reducing breast size after pregnancy

​Other than the natural methods, you can opt for surgeries to reduce your breast size. Surgeries can be expensive and possess risks. However, it can ensure instant results, once successful. Breast reduction surgeries are mainly advised for those who experience back pain, back pain, and other physical symptoms due to disproportionately large breasts.

Men with abnormally larger breasts (gynecomastia) may also get breast reduction surgery if all other treatments fail to show results. As it is major surgery, it is important to know the benefits and potential risks involved in the procedure.

Consultation with an expert plastic or cosmetic surgeon is the first step involved. You will need to explain your medical history with the surgeon for bettering understanding of the patient. If you had a lump, removed from the breasts, or have any medical condition that affects your breast, you should inform the surgeon before preparing for the procedure.

You can also convey the emotional issues you’ve faced regarding the breasts. Once the medical examinations and diagnosis are completed, the surgeon may measure your breasts and take photos of them for better understanding. The surgeon may also talk about how much breast tissue needs to be removed to get the desired result.

To ensure safety, the surgeon may also recommend a mammogram test and breast exam before surgery. If you are fit for the procedure, the surgeon may also recommend you to stop taking certain medications, if any.

Surgery to reduce breast size

As it is major surgery, it is important to be in good health while preparing for it. Good health can also help in proper healing. It is important to have realistic expectations of results after surgery. You may be able to go home on the same day of the surgery in most cases. In rare cases, a few days of hospital stay can be expected.

Whether you need a hospital stay or not, you will be under general anesthesia for the procedure. You will be put to sleep during the entire procedure, for safety reasons. The procedure might take around 2 to five hours or longer, depending upon various external factors. The surgery is performed by making an incision around the nipple and downward on the breast.

The incision might be in the form of a keyhole. Through this incision, the surgeon will remove extra skin, fat, and tissue from the breasts. Once it is removed, your nipple may also be repositioned. To remove the extra fat and tissues, drainage tubes shall be used by the surgeons. The cuts will be stitched after the procedure with special gauze. Once the surgery is completed, you may need to wear a surgical bra.

You may need to take a rest for one or more weeks after the surgery. The doctor shall suggest rest and follow up steps as per the depth of the procedure. Based on your recovery, the doctor shall remove the stitches and bandages. You may be asked to stop physical activity for a minimum of one month for health recovery.

After the surgery, you may expect pain and tiredness. For the first few days, the surgeon shall prescribe painkillers to ease the pain. It is also advised to avoid lifting heavyweight and strenuous activities for a few weeks after the surgery. Some people may even experience emotional issues after surgery. You may have to inform the surgeon. It is normal to have scars as a side effect of breast reduction surgery.

However, there is nothing much to worry about it as it may fade with time. To avoid lots of scars, you should not lift heavy objects soon after the surgery. It is rare to have complications like inadequate healing of the nipple area in some people. Such cases might require a skin graft. If you experience any sign of infection, contact your surgeon immediately.

Tenderness, redness, or unusual swelling on the breasts can all be the signs of infection. Unusual discharge or pus from the incision site may also require immediate medical attention.

Breast reduction surgery or mammoplasty can help enhance your self-image. It can also make you involved in physical activities without hesitation. You must only consult a board-certified plastic or cosmetic surgeon to guide you in the breast reduction procedure. If you haven’t started a family and are planning for it, it is important to postpone the procedure until childbirth.

It is because the surgery can make breastfeeding challenging. A successful breast reduction surgery can alleviate shoulder, neck, and upper back pain caused by larger breasts. You will be able to see instant results, though there can be slight swelling till a few days. You will be able to enjoy permanent results after the surgery.     


There are quite a good number of options to choose if you are troubled by larger than normal breast sizes. You can choose noninvasive, cost-effective simple methods under the supervision of a medical professional for best results. Though the natural remedies are said to have zero side effects, it is important to consult your doctor before pursuing them.

If you experience any side effects after using them, immediately stop and consult your doctor. If you do not experience any other physical complications connected with your breast size, it is advised not to go for any further treatments or medications. Unless you are experiencing poor self-image that prevents you from doing anything in life, no treatments are required to reduce breast size.

Here are some harmless and simple tips to reduce your breast size as a first step:

  • ​Keep your weight in check
  • ​Follow a healthy diet
  • ​Exclude sugary foods, sodas, and processed foods from the diet
  • ​Wear a bra that fits you right
  • ​Follow a workout regimen

You will be able to bring back your self-image and confidence by following these simple tips. If these can’t help, try the simple home remedies. Think about getting a breast reduction surgery only as a last resort. As a major surgery, it can be challenging to an extent. Keep your lifestyle in focus and see things getting on the track.                         

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