Tips To Get Perky Breasts Without Exercise

A common myth surrounding the ways to have perky breasts is that exercise and surgeries are the only solutions. Well, nope! And this article is going to guide you on how you can get back well-shaped sand perky breasts without exercise. 

Perky breasts without exercise

Get Perky Breasts With Push-Up Bras

One thing I would like to clarify at first is that although exercise is not the only option for perky breasts, the same is not ineffective either. The upper body exercises are a great way to naturally enlarge your bust and bonus point, they enhance your posture too. 

However, they involve a great deal of commitment, effort, and time. Moreover, lifting dumbbells and pushups is not everyone’s thing and it’s okay. 

So let’s get down to it! Here’s everything else you can try to get perkier breasts without exercise. 

  • Push-up bras: Well, this is pretty obvious and the foremost remedy you would run if you want to get perky breasts without exercise. These bras are specially designed to give shape and upliftment to your breasts with the least effort. They help you to make your breasts appear fuller and improve your body shape as well. 

Here are a few that you might want to take a look at; 

Maidenform Women’s Love The Lift DreamWire Push Up Underwire Bra

Get Perky Breasts Without Exercise
Price: $15.26 – $56.90

Its plush added cups give a comfortable push-up and keep your breasts in shape. The underwire technology used in this push-up bra offers optimal support and reduces the usual pain that comes from the wires of a regular bra.

Its silky soft material further amplifies the comfort by giving a smooth feeling to your bust.

Deyllo Women’s Push Up Lace Bra Comfort Padded Underwire Bra 

Deyllo women's push up lace bra
Price: $28.99

This floral lace push-up bra comes with padded cups to accentuate your bust whilst providing support and comfort. The adjustable straps make it easier to wear whereas the floral lace design helps it stand out from the rest.

Lily of France Women’s Extreme Ego Boost Push Up Bra 

how to get firm breast naturally

Price: $20.17

Designed using soft fabric, this push-up bra adds a full cup size and promotes an enhanced bust and fuller breasts. The straps are flexible allowing you to use the bra as regular, no-slip, and even crisscross.

Other than push-up bras, you can also try methods such as double bras where you wear one bra over the other. Make sure to wear a regular bra first and the second bra should be a cup size bigger.

Another method is stock stuffing which basically means the way it sounds. This is mostly useful to give a pop effect to your cleavage. The final look is mostly dependant on the size of the socks you are going to use. You can also opt for silicon or water Cutlets instead of socks. 

Natural Ways To Get Perky Breast Without Exercise

Looking for immediate results with easy ways? Then try these hacks to get perky breasts without exercise.

Correct your posture

how to make breast fuller and rounder

A poor posture is one of the easiest ways for your breasts to become saggy. The irony is you will probably be reading this sitting slouched.

Keep in mind to always be aware of your posture as it can help your breasts look perky and uplifted.

Weight Management

how to get perky breast naturally

Research states that eating nutrient-rich food items is beneficial to maintain the health of your breast tissue. Green leafy vegetables and fruits can help boost the perkiness of your breasts and treat sagging.

These are also helpful to keep your body in shape and enhance the bust. You may also do exercises to maintain fitness. 

Breast Massage

perky and firm breast without doing exercise

This the best way to get perky breasts is without exercise. We all know how breast massage is a popular natural treatment for breast enlargement.

Choose essential oils or breast enhancement creams that are safe for your skin and massage your breasts both clockwise and anticlockwise.

This action can significantly improve blood flow for breast tissue growth. It also helps to tighten the skin of your bust which makes your breasts firm and smooth. 


Fenugreek for perky breast

The supplement form of this powerful herb is proven to increase breast size by stimulating tissue growth.

Fenugreek supports the hormones responsible for breast growth and facilitates bust enhancement. 


Perky breasts without exercise

Definitely not a highly recommended trick because of the consequences involved, but if you choose to strictly follow the precautions, maybe you can try it out.

A number of pushup tapes and breast lift tapes are available that can effectively help lift your breast and maintain the shapeliness.

But be very careful to use it the right way and in case of any side effects or pain, remove it immediately. Another thing is to ensure that they are not too tight as you obviously wouldn’t want to block the blood circulation! 



Popularly used to treat a variety of ailments for centuries, hydrotherapy is also found to be effective for promoting breast size and breast health too. Not only does it support blood flow, but also the production of collagen and elastin.

In the case of breast enhancement, massage your breasts using hot and cold water. Begin by rinsing your breast with warm water and a massage for 10-20 seconds.

Then switch to cold water and repeat the process. You may practice this once to few times a day. 

As you can see, there are many other natural techniques besides exercise that can result in bigger breasts and enhanced bust. This also shows that breast augmentation and other medical treatments are avoidable. And thus, a great deal of money can be saved. 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how satisfied you are with the results from any of these methods. 

So there you have it! For quick results, you can make use of push-up bras or tapes. And for lasting results, take better care of your body and switch to a healthier lifestyle. Slow and steady wins the race, of course. Nevertheless, you may choose up to your convenience.

Do’s and Don’ts of Keeping Your Breasts Perky

While breasts are of different shapes and sizes, which is what makes them unique, it is important to ensure that you are not torturing your body to reach society’s beauty standards of a woman. Because let’s be honest, it’s brutal out there.  

In addition to the remedies mentioned above, here are some extra measures that you need to take care of to prevent unnecessary after-effects and to get perky breasts without exercise. Let’s start with what you should do;  


  • Check the ingredients of creams or lotions: Your breast skin is delicate and therefore before using any of the breast enhancement products, it would be wise to go through the ingredients list first. Even if you are going for essential oils, take the necessary precautions and choose a safe oil if you have a history of skin problems.  
  • Maintain consistent weight: Weight fluctuations affect the breast skin. The fat cells present in your breast can multiply or shrink when you gain or lose weight frequently. Over time, this leads to sagging and reduced breast size. And the best remedy is to practice exercises and eat nutritious food that can boost the strength of the muscles supporting the breasts and tone your bust. 
  • Use quality sunscreens and moisturizers: Moisturizers can help maintain the softness and firmness of your breast skin. While sunbathing or wearing clothes that reveal a good part of your chest, sunscreens are essential to protect your breast skin. 


  • Use bras that provide too much breast upliftment: You must wear bras that are comfortable and fit you just right. Besides the intense pain of not doing so, research states that tight push-up bras can impact the muscles supporting your breasts by making them weak. As a result, the breasts may sag more quickly. 
  • Skip exercises or body movements: Certain workouts may make your breasts bounce. You may think that it can increase sagging, but there is no scientific evidence to that. It can also make you feel awkward, but remember that these upper body exercises or vigorous body movements, in general, are beneficial for breast enhancement, as mentioned in the beginning. 
  • Depend on only breast augmentation: Yes, implants and fat transfer augmentation are helpful in increasing breast size easily and quickly. But they are not an effective solution for sagging. They can give you a youthful appearance but not the perky breasts you desire. So think well before spending money on it! 

How To Increase Breast Size?

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a common and popular treatment approached by women after pregnancy or weight loss. It mostly aims at improving your breast size and is an easy route to take if you prefer to have fast results. They also help to attain symmetrical breasts and enhance your physique as well. 

Others include breast enlargement creams, breast firming creams, breast enlargement supplements, etc, all of which are meant to get perky breasts without exercise. 

These are not lasting solutions, however, and come with a lot of risks. And in the case of natural methods, the results are based on how well you commit to the procedure. The benefit is that there are fewer side effects involved and your breast health also improves. 

Though there are no proven diet plans for bigger breasts, nutrients from breast tightening foods that are healthy for your breasts may support tissue growth and blood flow. 

Based on the information provided by most sources, chest development exercises, posture maintenance, and push-up bras are known to be the most effective ways of increasing breast size for the long term. 

How To Develop Firm Breasts After Weight Loss? How To Fix Sagging Breasts Naturally

As mentioned earlier, weight changes can significantly affect your breast size, making them appear saggy. But in the case of weight loss, a slim body may come with saggy breasts too. After all, when the excess fat is eliminated from your body, the breast skin becomes loose.

fix sagging breast naturally

So what can be done? Well, you may opt for any of the measures previously explained in this article. To start with, pay attention to your posture as much as you can. This is extremely important once you have lost weight because your body shape has changed. 

Practicing a healthy lifestyle not only means healthy food and workouts. Habits such as smoking play a major role in the sagging of your breasts. It speeds up the aging process by disrupting blood flow and oxygen transport to the breast cells. 

You can also use the support of bras and other techniques we have discussed before. And the best way to enhance the appearance of a slim body is through fitness training. Obviously, it does not help in breast upliftment but it will aid in attaining a toned bust. 

Also, follow the right skincare routine. This can help tighten your breast skin and keep it moisturized, firm, and healthy. 

Final verdict

No matter whatever you try, face the truth. It is impossible to get perky breasts without exercise forever!! Aging is unfortunately inevitable. But till then, you have all the options to get the perky breasts you desire. 

Be it surgical or non-surgical treatments, you need to be sure and careful of your decision. There are no winners in the marathon of perfect beauty and therefore you don’t need to exhaust yourself. Poorly shaped saggy breasts are of course one of the enemies of self-confidence but by following a safe solution, you can restore the youthful perky breasts and maintain it to an extent as well. 

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