My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow Review – A Recommended Nursing Pillow For Breast Feeding?

At every stage of life the kind of challenges a woman goes through has no bounds. What’s amazing is how she wins it all over with resilience, patience and inner strength.

Bearing a child and giving birth is a gift that only a woman has. Child birth is unimaginable let alone taking care of the baby. It is only natural for a new mother to get very anxious, being unfamiliar with the whole process.

She learns things gradually. With birthing comes a lot of hormonal changes, exhaustion aches and pain which will only gradually go away.

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow Review- One-Stop-Shop Solution For All Your Nursing Needs!

One of the most important aspects of taking care of the baby includes nursing the baby. Now from the outside it would look like a very normal and simple thing to do. But it can get a bit tricky especially in the beginning.

The nipular area can crack and cause discomfort in the first few days, also post partum back pain can be very very painful.

How can we make life easier for mothers? There are a lot of products trying to tap this market, But there are only very few products that really live upto the expectations.

My Brest friend is a one of a kind nursing pillow, it is tailor-made for a comfortable nursing experience. The baby can be placed properly for latch -on and most importantly it supports the mother’s back well.

She can breastfeed without the worry about the back and neck being sore or painful. This way the mother and the baby can be at ease. The support it gives the mother’s back makes My Brest Friend stand out from other brands.

My Brest friend nursing pillow

The pillow comes with a slip cover which can be removed and cleaned, There is no need to worry about spilling because it can be reused after washing.

It is like a one stop shop for all your nursing needs. They offers a wide variety of products which are listed below.

Nursing Pillows

Original nursing pillow

Deluxe nursing pillow

Organic nursing pillow

Inflatable travel nursing pillow

Twin Plus breastfeeding pillow

Pregnancy wedge pillow

Pillow slip covers

The slip covers are available separately, which are extra soft cotton fabrics for original, deluxe and travel pillows, there is a separate organic slip cover as well. Twin pillow slip covers come in fashion forward prints also.

Breast feeding accessories

This includes fenugreek which is best for lactation, inner core cover, breast feeding cover, Adjustable nursing stool that can be used to feed comfortably without any strain on the neck, shoulder and back.

Nipple cream for sore and cracked nipple is also an accessory available. It is organic and does not have to be removed while feeding, completely safe for the baby and mother.

My Brest friend nursing pillow accessories


Supportive back rest: A woman’s body goes through tremendous stress during pregnancy and after delivery. So giving the right kind of support to the back is very important, else it can lead to persistent pain. This is where My Brest Friend comes into play. It acts as a great support while nursing the baby. The posture gets better and strain is reduced.


Complete wrap around design: The design is such that the it allows to latch on the baby properly and help the mother and child to maintain the right posture and be safe while nursing. The support at the back for mother makes all the difference.


Secure to the body: The pillow helps in holding the baby in the right height to make feeding easy. The adjustable strap helps in securing the baby so that the baby won’t slide off while feeding. The complete wrap around design keeps the mother and baby comfortable and safe during feeding.


Flat top firmness: Base on My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow review, My Brest Friend interestingly has a flat top design which ensures that the baby doesn’t not roll over or slide away during the whole time of feeding. It removes the gap between the baby and the mother. It is a unique features compared to other products in the market.


Adjustable fit: The strap on has a  silent clip open which is ideal to move the baby so that the baby doesn’t wake up after feeding. It has a single- hand velcro adjustment as well. It can be used to adjust the size according to the baby’s size so that the baby doesn’t slide and fall down.


Ideal for C- section tummy: This pillow is ideal for mothers who’ve had C section.


Arm and elbow rest: My Brest Friend eliminates arm and elbow stress.

What All Things Are Included In The Box

  • The box includes a wrap around nursing pillow with extra baby soft fabric cover. Firm and flat cushion and adjustable silent release strap. It also has arm and elbow rest that will keep you away from stress. It also has convenient pockets that secures the water bottles, burp cloth and other nursing accessories.


  • The pillow is made of foam, so it does not lose its shape or form this will enable   the mother and baby to be comfortable while nursing.
  • My Brest friend is useful for mothers at any stage of postpartum.
  • The adjustable strap helps in keeping the pillow properly so that the baby does not fall in between.
  • The clip open is silents this prevents from the baby waking up after being fed and while removing the pillow.
  • There is also an elbow and arm rest to avoid strain.
  • It has an elevated part to keep the baby’s head.
  • The best part is the wrap around will keep the mother and the baby and give proper support to the mothers back.
  • The wrap around pillow will keep the mother away from back ache and neck pain.
  • There are pockets at the side to keep other important accessories like water bottle, Burp cloth etc.
  • The flat top design keeps the baby safe from rolling over, most of the other brands are round shaped. This makes My Brest friend’s design unique and useful.
  • The pillow comes with a pure cotton cover, it will be very safe for baby skin.
  • No need to worry about spillage because you can always remove the cover and wash it and reuse.
  • You can also buy extra covers so that it is easier.


  • It might take sometime to strap it on and off.

My Brest friend’s nipple cream is all natural. It is the best remedy for sore nipple, it soothes the nipples and ease the pain. It is hypoallergenic completely natural and free of any harmful chemicals.

There is no need to remove the cream while feeding since the ingredients are organic. It is free from Lanolin, its non greasy and non messy and is 100% safe for mother and baby.

My Brest Friend Nursing nipple cream

My Best Friend uses extra soft baby pillow, it has a distinct wrap around nursing pillow design which helps the mother and the baby to have a proper position and posture while feeding.

The back rest gives good support to the back and neck and maintains good posture. The cushion is firm so doesn’t go out of shape. The adjustable silent -release straps will help unlatch without waking the baby up.

Another feature is the arm and elbow rest which reduces the stress on shoulder. There is also a pocket to store other nursing accessories like water bottle, burp cloth etc. The Deluxe Nursing pillow comes with these features along with a few added features.

This product uses extra baby-plush fabric. As mentioned in My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow review, it has double featured Velcro and silent- release buckle which makes it easy to use with one hand. The cover can be washed and reused multiple times.

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow testimonials

Final Verdict

Everything said and done, this is a boon to all those out there looking to have a comfortable nursing experience. The bond between a child and the mother is very special and nothing should come in between that.

My Brest Friend does exactly that. As said in My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow review, it also has accessories and creams to aid the whole process. It is specially designed to give support to the mother and the baby at the same time.

The washable pillow covers not only makes life easy but also comes in fashion forward prints.

So don’t wait up, order now!!

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